distant relatives

by California Cousins

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Tristin Saltzman
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Tristin Saltzman Just in time to be my latest breakup medicine. Amazing vocals with just the right mix of intensity, not too soft and not too harsh. Pretty fucking punk and the whole band just delivers. Favorite track: hold this coupon.
joe scala
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joe scala being punk is fun again. good ass band Favorite track: hold this coupon.
rose love
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rose love most bangin album since the beginning of time take my word for it Favorite track: brockport 1995.
ian macdiarmid
ian macdiarmid thumbnail
ian macdiarmid These dudes just absolutely shred. It’s spastic, it’s catchy, it’s bliss. Favorite track: extendo weekend.
Jack thumbnail
Jack idek what to say about this album, just listen to it front to back dammit Favorite track: aspirin.
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$1.50 steak sandwiches @ my place...

THANK YOU: Casey Sanders for being our best friend and helping with songwriting. Our parents for being so supportive, buying us our first instruments, and letting us practice in their homes. Our partners for putting up with our bullshit tour schedules. Eli Zarpentine for helping us survive Skatopia. Alex from Chatterbot for helping us stay organized and being a pal. Sammy from Deep Sea for being one of the few to believe in our record. Tim Avery and Adam Kramer for keeping DIY alive in Rochester. Special shouts to Prince Daddy and the Hyena, DRUSE, Taking Meds, Alleys, Carpool, Jayden Smith, Blue Boy George, and all you other rocker fuckers who helped us out on tour, etc, etc. ALL HAIL THE NOISE GHOUL!!! 666.


released August 17, 2018

Vocals recorded by Chris Vandeviver at Redbooth Recording
Drums recorded by Brandon Phan at FLCC
All additional recording by Christian Ortiz at The Crypto Lounge
Mixing by Christian Ortiz
Mastering by Dave Downham at The Gradwell House
Illustrations by Sebastian Dabrowski


all rights reserved



California Cousins Rochester, New York

Dudes playing riff hitting jams. Rochester, NY.

Jordan Serrano- Vocals/Bass
Christian Ortiz- Vocals/Guitar
Juan Ortiz- Drums


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Track Name: aspirin
i’m lost and walking
towards an unknown destination.
can u show me the right direction?
or continue as my distraction?

broke down on the bus, i had to sleep it off.
tucked my head into the crevice of a window
fighting off the nausea.
fighting off the fear of throwing up in front of everyone.
broke down on the couch, i had to walk it off.
i was thinking of u and how much u damaged me.
my self esteem is on its knees.
no blood, no breath, not even the faintest wheeze.

i’m a walking mess of a vessel
no heart, no brains, no soul.
but i’ve been counting every mistake
u said u never made.
Track Name: hold this coupon
we finally rode our bikes to the beach.
i slept well that night.
under skin and bones,
i guess that’s something.
when honestly, wished i were nothing.

been playing the lottery,
been trying to fix some things.
but i haven’t told anybody,
it’s too embarrassing.
though this is the strongest i know how to be,
i’m cracking.

when winter came i felt right through the floor
where i met a dark man who promised to keep me warm
and by the fire i watched my complacency grow.
‘til i got so tired, I called it my new home.
Track Name: 7 minute freestyle
it hits u
when u least expect it,
the echo of white noise
to remind u, yr all alone.
an ending is near.
dying nature.
it’s a change I never enjoyed.
time passes fast,
cherished or wasted.

pick yrself up and run
to yr nearest joy,
to yr fondest memory.
don’t let go.
i’m clinging onto the past,
letting go of my future,
waiting for the current to pass,
to sweep me away,
pull me under.

the water is deep here
and nothing is painful.
my body relieved of its responsibilities.
start pushing daisies when u have the chance.
i’m no good here, i’m no good here.
pls, just let me disappear.
Track Name: redeeming qualities
locking eyes with my figure in the mirror,
it’s a ritual that’s all too frequent.
im searching for something.
but i find no redeeming qualities,
just endless shame and a swollen grin,
u cant laugh away the pain.

the pain of a heart growing cold,
the pain of a life that’s purposeless and dull,
its all null and void.
but im still trudging on, collecting soil as I drag along.
i’m trying to make it worthwhile.

and im not scared of ever dying alone.
i know people who will keep me warm,
they’re searching for something.
and nothings ever gonna hold us back,
we’re gonna live our lives, we’re gonna take a chance
to laugh away the pain.
Track Name: brockport 1995
i felt a burn.
a burn so cold, my thoughts and feelings froze.
as wind cuts my eyes,
can i say i tried to know u?

grey eyes, stray eyes
wandering for the last time.
brown eyes, drowned eyes,
glazed from watching the sunrise.
we’re all failures but we’re not made to start again.

i cant tell if u care.
a transparent stare is all u have to offer.
i’m falling into a ditch.
i didn’t jump, i tripped and i still regret it.

who am i, who are u?
just objects in the same room.
no voice, no say,
just look at the screen and play the game.
we’re all failures, but we’re not made to start again.
can we start again?
Track Name: simple math ($1 two for fives)
sometimes i can still feel the weather buried
deep in the bones of my broken hand
that never seemed to heal properly.
and i know on those summer days
when it’s gonna rain and i don’t mind much
cause it’s been too hot lately anyways.

this winter brought a silence more fragile
than our happiness.
mapless, i found myself in the wilderness of
yr darkest plans.
and when u told me where they’d find yr body,
the silence was deafening.

blurring the lines between past and present.
mistakes were glaring and unpleasant.
simple math, i’d been repeating
mistakes that i was afraid would send the ones
that i loved away.
into some great silence.
Track Name: jeff gordblum (jeff goldblum in the back of the jeep, jeff gordon in the passenger seat)
and in my teenage years,
i began to sprout horns.
an anger so dark, i could feel it in my bones.

this summer would u please take me swimming?
cause every winter i feel so close to dying.

our bones broke neatly as ever that year,
beneath our thicker skin.
just wool and cotton being held together
by a thread.
and as u were waiting out the storm,
i hid my eyes and dug my car out of the snow.

let me be yr yellow canary,
not a martyr, but a warning.
when my tired lungs stop breathing don’t make
me beg u to move on.
Track Name: extendo weekend
in yr green dress i could see the border
of a topographic map u scribbled on yr thigh.
of all the places u wish u’d never been,
little regrets raised from the surface of yr skin.

so call them cat scratches and i’ll
help u lick yr wounds.

but i’m no white knight, i just played one in my head.
misogynistic, young, and stupid idea of what it
meant to help when i couldn’t help myself.

so call them cat scratches and take
the weekend for yrself.

maybe it was enough just to hold ourselves together.
i should have been trying to figure out where i fit into
all of this.
but i thought that i knew better.
Track Name: sand in pockets
i saw the water dripping from yr head.
it was a slow leak like the faucet where i washed my hands
of this entire situation
left yr tired body shaking against floorboards in the kitchen.

but there's still sand in yr otherwise empty pockets
when u haven't been to the beach in months.

i saw glimpses of a lantern hanging just inside yr chest
but i couldn't tell if it was lit
i've seen pictures of u as a kid
lit from within.
the light glowing right through yr paper skin.
but yr surfaces have thickened.

there's still sand in yr otherwise empty pockets.
remember when our heads were buried underneath?

i'm always staring when yr crying
cause when things get too tough i tend to quit.
it's just something i've learned to live with.
i'll tell u i tried but i didn't.

we left our heads on our pillow cases.
i traced the lines of yr face.
but i couldn't tell the difference between
dream maps and crows feet.
Track Name: camp shorts
back when we were kids i hit a snake with a stick
on our walk through the park.
now i don’t sleep most nights but when i close my eyes
i still see its beating heart.
and i should look away.
and i should get some sleep.
am i the only one who feels my comfort zone
is crumbling?
sarah, if yr listening, i’m sorry.
am i the only one who feels my limbs
becoming obsolete?
like distant relatives of my body.

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